While CoreT5 provides protection against EMF for the individual on the move, the WaveRider creates a EMF Safe Sanctuary for everyone in the home and office. It provides continuous and wider protection when it is switched on. Its technology has been tested by various independent laborotories for its range and effectiveness.

These tests have been further validated by the European Journal of Scientific Research (ISSN 1450-216X Vol.37 No.2 (2009), pp.219-225 © EuroJournals Publishing, Inc. 2009 http://www.eurojournals.com/ejsr.htm ).

WaveRider is a device that protects us from the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation.

  • Based on the available published research data (Catholic University of AmericaUniversity of Western Ontario, Columbia UniversityNew York, etc.)   the "noise field" generated by the WaveRider can protect living cells against harmful effects of EMR. For example, Noise field was found to normalize Enzyme activity in cells, to normalize Dopamine production (Hormone related to Parkinson’s disease) in cells, to help cell proliferation rate to be brought back to natural level, to normalize level of DNA- single and double strand breaks (Potential cancer promoter), etc. 
  • USPTO Patent No. 8,044,376  for "Devices & methods for protection against exposure to electromagnetic radiation"

WaveRider - Science's Answer to Radiation

  • WaveRider was tested at MET Lab., MET Report: EMCS35370-GEN. Research data provide the following conclusion: "It was detected with the help of Spectrum Analyzer (Agilent E4447A) the increase of the noise field spectrum content level in the range of 4 Hz to 50 kHz at close proximity to MRET generator."  

          "It confirms that WaveRider generates low intensity, low frequency signals of noise field characteristics." 

  • Test conducted at Molecular Diagnostic Lab. - "shows that WR signals can mitigate/reduce negative effect of mobile phone radiation on human Astrocyte (brain) cells." 

  • Tests validated by Jacobs Journal of Biotechnology and Bioengineering

    “ It was confirmed by the study in vitro on human Astrocytes when brain cells samples were exposed to mobile phone radiation without and with introduction of WaveRider device. This experiment shows that WaveRider device place at the distance of 30 feet from the treated plates has measurable compensatory effect on the inhibition of normal human brain Astrocyte cells growth when cells are exposed to mobile phone irradiation.” Smirnov I. MRET Wave Rider Technology. J J Biotech Bioeng. 2015, 2(2): 012.



  • WaveRider is best placed beside the wifi router in your home or office environment. It creates a sanctuary against electromagnetic radiation within a tested diameter of 18 metres. 
  • It has a life span of 17,550 hours. This means that if it is turned on for 10 hours a day, it will last more than four and a half years.  If it is turned on for 15 hours a day, it will last for slightly more than three yearsA red light will begin to blink when 200 hours is left of the WaveRider’s lifespan.
  • No maintenance is required or parts need to be changed. 


Here are life testimonies of just a few individuals and families who have benefited from the use of WaveRider. 

Elfi Bhabla (Holland)

Many did not understand nor believe that I suffered from Electro-Magnetic Radiation poisoning. Even my husband, could not understand the pain I had.”

After using the WaveRider, I noticed a big difference.

Firstly, I don’t have the pain I used to have at home anymore. I feel relaxed. Moreover I can use the computer much longer than previously without feeling tired and irritated after a short period of time.”

David Foong ( Singapore)

My colleague,… has been working in this EMR dense environment for the last 3 years. She used to edgy, highly irritable and unfriendly….”

“…. she always had a constant heaviness in her head which she could not understand and which did not respond to medical treatment. After many futile consultations with Chinese and Western Doctors, she surrendered her conditions to fate and accepted it as part of my life.”

“Two months after the installation of the Waverider in my office, I noticed a great change in my colleague. She is no longer the same person I used to know!"

Saiful & Roslinda (Singapore)

“Ever since we bought the WaveRider, our lives have turned for the better.

We used to suffer from insomnia and my wife would have dreadful migraine attacks. We would be fatigued throughout the day.

 After installing the WaveRider have a much restful deeper sleep and feel more energetic in the morning.”



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