Evidence - Lab Test Report 

Evidence - Lab Test Report

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Electroencephalogram (EEG) Study

Our cell is a bio-electromagnetic system. EEG indicates the effect of mobile phones radiation on our brain.

Source: SA Biomedical Instrumentation in San Diego, California

Blood Test

Source: “DarkfieldMicroscopic Evaluation of the Noise Field Polymer on the Reduction of Live Blood Effects Caused by Radio Frequency Radiation “; Dr. Howard W. Fisher*, Dr.Colombe Gauvin**, Dr. Seymour Pisarek, Sue Pellerin

The interpretation of the dark-field microscopic evaluation imaging results verified that cell phone usage causes erythrocyte aggregation and rouleau effects to the blood samples of all subjects in this investigation. The intervention of the noise field polymer (MRET), in the form of a cell phone chip, was responsible for a highly significant if not total reduction of the abnormal erythrocyte effects caused by the combination of emissions emanating from cellular phone use.