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CoreT5, Power In Simplicity

  • CoreT5 is activated by the electromagnetic radiation from your mobile device. 
  • It applies knowledge from U.S. Military research to understand the problems caused by man-made EMR
  • It applies innovative patented MRET technology to deliver proven solution to you affordably.
  • It has been fully tested and proven not to disrupt Wi-Fi and phone's connectivity.
  • Lifespan of up to 3 years from first activation.
  • No maintenance required.

Internal & External Protection

  • The patented fractural polymeric material produces ‘good’ radiation that superimposes itself on the the harmful EMR. This converts harmful EMR into natural wave forms that our cells and body systems accept.
  • These natural wave forms or "noise fields" in fact strengthen our body system. CoreT5 creates bio-resonance that shields the cellular structures in our body.
  • Results may differ for each person. Protection is necessary even if you may not feel the immediate effects of EMR.
  • Those who are Electromagnetic Hypersensitve (EHS) are likely to experience immediate relief with CoreT5.

Why You Need CoreT5 On Your Wireless Devices

  • Electromagnetic Radiation affects everyone in a wireless environment.
  • While some argue the EMR power emitting from our mobile device is low, studies reveal that many other factors including proximity, length of usage, pulsings from the mobile device challenges that perspective. The effects are cumulative.
  • Although you may not sense the effects of EMR, damaging microwaves and Information Carrying Radio Waves (ICRW) are no respector of persons. 
  • Credible scientific evidence shows causal links to cellular damage and breakdown of body systems. Read here for more details as to how radiation from wireless devices affects the human brain.

What Makes CoreT5 Different?

  • It is not effective to reflect or absorb EMR when we are surrounded by it!
  • CoreT5's technology neutralizes the harmful effects of EMR around you. 
  • It creates an EMR SAFE ZONE of upto 1.5 meters radius.
  • CoreT5 is also effective for laptops, tablets, and other wireless devices that may use more power than your phone.
  • CoreT5 is currently the most tested solution in its field. 
  • It has been validated by independent U.S laboratories to neutralize the harmful radiation from wireless devices.
  • These tests are further validated by Scientific Journals (See further Evidence and Validations here



" I was skeptical at first. I used to expereince light headaches and some pressure while I'm on my moblie phone. These symptoms have stopped since I put CoreT5 on my phone"

Solomon Bhabla, Holland

We don’t get jet-lagged anymore. Since I attached the phone version on my iPhone 4s, my ears do not burn and the headaches are gone. 

The 2 things that I noted most about when we received our Waverider:

Firstly, we don’t get jet-lagged anymore. My wife Jenny and I used to travel long hauls and get jet lag very badly. However, after using the WaveRider, the problem’s gone. We were both wide awake and full of energy when we arrived at our destination.

Secondly, whenever I use the mobile my ear gets very hot and I get headaches around my ear. Since I attached the phone version on my iPhone 4s, my ears do not burn and the headaches are gone.

I also purchased one for my brother and he has experienced the same thing. His ear does not get those burning sensations anymore.

- Paul Trad, Australia


Directions For Use

  • Clean the surface of your mobile device
  • Will not stick well on tempered glass.
  • For optimum effectiveness, place CoreT5 at or near the antenna of your mobile device.
  • If you are using a phone cover, CoreT5 can be applied to back of the phone cover. It must be attached to the phone’s main body at all times.
  • Peel off the adhesive backing behind the CoreT5.
  • Do not remove and re-apply as the adhesive will lose its effectiveness. If you must re-position CoreT5 on your device, replace the adhesive tape.
Additional Note

If you are still experiencing discomfort even after 2 weeks of protection from CoreT5, seek your doctor for professional consultation and help.


Product Size

  • Oval
  • About 3.5mm height
  • 24.5 mm length
  • 17 mm width


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