Symptoms & Harmful Effects of Cell Phone Radiation

How Much EMF Is Safe?

  • The cells in our body communicate through very low electromagnetic frequencies. For example our heart beats at 2 Hz, or two cycles per second. 
  • Therefore the very low unnatural ElectroMagnetic Frequencies (EMF) from our phones and other devices can affect us. Mobile phones, wifi routers, electrical appliances, electrical wiring, etc. all gives off magnetic fields that are not natural to us. 
  • No institution has categorically stated that Electromagnetic Radiation from our devices IS SAFE!  (Click here to read about the Harmful effects of EMR)

Effect Of Cell Phone Radiation Compared To X-Rays

In a study by Adlkofer in 2004, a comparison was done between the the harmful effects of X-ray vs cell phone radiation to the human brain cell. The control in the first picture shows the adult human brain cell before any radiation exposure. The picture in the middle shows cellular damage after exposure to Gamma-Irradiation of 0.5 Gy, equivalent to 1,600 chest x-rays. The last picture shows similar cell damage when it's been exposed to a mobile phone for 24 hours! 

  • Children are more susceptible! 
  • Studies have shown a 500% increase in the risk of childhood leukemias, lymphomas and brain tumors in children exposed to power lines generating an electromagnetic field of only four milligauss. (Olsen J, Nielsen A, Schulgen G. “Residents near high voltage facilities and risk of cancer in children”, British Medical Journal 1993;307:891-895.)

There are various tests and studies done that have proven the effect of mobile device radiation to our bodies. The EEG Study and the Blood Test Study are just a few of them. 

Electroencephalogram (EEG) Study

Our cell is a bio-electromagnetic system. EEG indicates the effect of mobile phones radiation on our brain.

Source: SA Biomedical Instrumentation in San Diego, California

Blood Test

Source: “DarkfieldMicroscopic Evaluation of the Noise Field Polymer on the Reduction of Live Blood Effects Caused by Radio Frequency Radiation “; Dr. Howard W. Fisher*, Dr.Colombe Gauvin**, Dr. Seymour Pisarek, Sue Pellerin

The interpretation of the dark-field microscopic evaluation imaging results verified that cell phone usage causes erythrocyte aggregation and rouleau effects to the blood samples of all subjects in this investigation. The intervention of the noise field polymer (MRET), in the form of a cell phone chip, was responsible for a highly significant if not total reduction of the abnormal erythrocyte effects caused by the combination of emissions emanating from cellular phone use. 

Symptoms Linked To EMR Over-Exposure

The list of symptoms and conditions are lengthy. This list is not exhaustive. It represents a few of the common known conditions now linked to cell phone radiation and EMR. 

Alzheimer’s disease


Lowered sperm counts


DNA damage


Blood pressure increase

Headaches and migraines


Blood-brain barrier damage

Immune system disorders

Memory loss

Brain tumors

Learning disabilities

Parkinson’s disease

Chronic Fatigue

Loss of concentration

Sleep disorders and insomnia 

Some Advice

Electromagnetic Radiation is carried across space and through all medium. Although we are unable to avoid exposure to EMR, we can always take the following precautions to minimise its direct impact: 

  • Refrain from sleeping next to your cell phone or placing your cell phone under your pillow
  • Refrain from charging your cell phone next to you or using it when charging
  • Refrain from speaking on the cell phone for prolonged hours
  • It's not advisable for very young children to use mobile devices